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Our Gym

The rooms are equipped with superior amenities, which in Slovenia is a pair designed for functional training and Olympic weightlifting!

Best Box in Celje

CFCELJE is the only functional training center in the Greater Styria area. Friendly and highly qualified trainers are here to help in the acheivement of all customers’ goals, regardless of age, with the most advanced methods of training. Exercise is suitable for complete beginners and recreational athletes. With our help, you can improve sports competition results, improve your general and / or specific fitness, reshape your body, reduce body/fat % and increase in the proportion of muscle.We can also help speed up the rehabilitation or healing process and help repair injuries. We are open seven days a week!

  • 200 square meter gym area
  • Shower
  • 5 platforms for Olympic lifting racks squats bench
  • Additional racks for withdrawals (Strongman, powerlifting …)
  • Cage for carrying out pull ups, muscle ups, dips, etc.
  • Jerk Boxes, rope climbing, sled, wooden, Hold, large rubber bradljo gymnastics, gymnastic rings, etc.
  • Space and utilities for Mobility
  • 2 GHD devices
  • 5 professional rowing machine Concept 2 rower
  • Schwinn bike Airdyne
  • Summer Garden
  • Socializing Area