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Unlimited Superfunctional Training CFCelje Barbell Club Choice Bootcamp/Bootcampx3 Open Gym
80 € per month 70 € per month 65 € per month 60 € per month 50/60 € per month 55 € per month
Superfunctional Training Superfunctional Training Olympic Weightlifting Superfunctional Training* Bootcamp Unlimited visits within schedule
Weightlifting & Power Club Open Gym Powerlifting Weightlifting & Power Club* 2x per week Personal Training**
Bootcamp Two visits to any program per week
Weekend Drop in Personal 1 on 1 Personal Pair Personal Plan Sports Club
25 € per month 10 € per training 25 € per training 30 € per training 15 € per program *Price Negotiable
Includes training in the center on schedule 1x visit any exercise Personal Training Personal Training in Pair Composition of individual training program Completed Group
Friday, Saturdat, Sunday 75 min 75 min



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